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Why Ozmotion

At Ozmotion we want to make a difference in your communication. Whether it concerns a safety video, a logo animation, an advertising video or graphics on your selfie-instastory, we will help you find the animation that works for you.

3D Sculpture
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Why "Ozmotion"

Motion and (the wizard of) Oz.

It is now, more than ever before, clear that everything revolves around moving images, or "motion."

But where does the "Oz" come from ...

First of all, we want to put more “magic” in video, create a unique character and experience, instead of the so many "prefab" projects on the web.


In (the wizard of) Oz, the heroes go look for "the wizard of Oz", but everyone has his own motive. This is no different for films, each film has a different message or purpose, and therefore requires a unique tailor-made approach. For the lion, tin man and the scarecrow, these motives are heart, brains and courage, and that's no different for Ozmotion. We make films out of love for animation, in a thoughtful way, with the balls to think out of the box.


And finally, the combination stands for osmosis, which in addition to the literal meaning (the fluid that moves to obtain an equal concentration) is also used to indicate that people absorb information, not only through studying, but also through things they hear, see or experience.

That makes animation the ideal medium to convey your message, whether it's a moral or a load of information.

Your message will come in, just by enjoying a nice video.

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