Pay no attention to those men
behind the curtain!

That everything revolves around "Motion" is pretty obvious by now, but why the "Oz"...?
To start off, the wizard.
We are firm believers that animation is this medium filled with wonder, so let's give it the "magic" it deserves, instead of the so many boring prefab animations out there...

Then there is the journey of our heroes, each of them looking for the wizard of Oz, but they all have their own agenda: the heart (our love for animation), brains (we give thought to your project) and courage (we have the guts to color outside the lines).

And finally, the whole thing stands for osmosis, which in addition to its literal meaning (the liquid moving to obtain an equal concentration) is also used to indicate that even without studying, people absorb information through things they hear, see and experience.



I followed my passion as an ever learning animator, whom some would call a generalist.

Always aiming higher, trying to make better animations, in all kinds of styles, but most important, JUST DO WHAT I LOVE.

I believe 1+1 can be so much more than 2, and that's why I started Ozmotion, surrounding myself with talent and people I believe in.Building a team that inspires, motivates and wants to reach new heights together.



Basically a multifunctional pocket knife as I try to learn as many animation techniques as possible.

But if I had to pick a favourite one it would for sure be character animation.
After working hours I like to disappear into the competitive world of Valorant and turn myself into a caster / analyst.

You excel by not just choosing the right job but by picking out the best boss. I managed to pick up my hobby as a job combined with an awesome boss.


Dorpsstraat 8
3404 Landen (Belgiƫ)
BTW BE0755.454.806
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